Why Is Website Design & Development Important In The Technology-Driven Business World?

Kiran Thaker
4 min readJun 26, 2021
Website Design and Development Company Arizona
Web Design and Development Arizona

In this era of ruthless competition, businesses cutting across domains, be it healthcare or hospitality, are laying emphasis on adapting the latest tools and technology to stay ahead of competitors. Ever-changing market dynamics have been instrumental in changing customer behavior. Continued innovation is nurturing new technology, tools, and gadgets enabling businesses to scale their business and materialize corporate goals.

Web Design and Development is an emerging technology-driven hack to reach out to your targeted audience.

Our major objective behind writing this write-up is to enlighten businesses, ranging from startups to giants about the advantages of before laying emphasis on the advantages of Website Development; we would like you to go through eye-opening statistics pertaining to the website:

· A user takes around 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) to jump to a conclusion about your company’s website

· Approx 55% of online users are of the opinion that they are not going to recommend the business to their friends and kin with a mediocre website

· About 83% of adults are of the opinion that whether we view a website on a desktop or mobile device, the user experience shouldn’t be different

· Approx 63% of retail websites were visited using smart phones

· Close to 50% of U.S. E-commerce sales are driven by mobile devices

· About 40% of people leave the website or stop engaging if they found content or design unappealing or redundant.

Many of you are shocked to learn about the unprecedented revelation about Website Development. Furthermore, these statistics clearly indicate that the quality of the website matters to scale the business. Never compromise on excellence!

The market is flooded with companies offering a wide range of Web Design and Development Services. Choose a Web Design Company that holds hands-on in designing engaging websites. Being a businessman, you wouldn’t like to demonstrate your online presence in the form of a poorly designed website. Don’t forget, your website is your virtual business card with massive potential.

Web Design Gilbert with a team of brilliant Web Developers holding rich professional experience in their quiver is facilitating customers from myriad domains, including hospitals, IT, E-Commerce, Academics, Infrastructure, etc., to amplify their business growth.

Advantages of Website Design and Development

Moving forward, let’s now lay emphasis on the advantages of having a business-centric website. There are advantages galore of a website regardless of company size, be it a small business or a large scale global company. These include:


Yes, you got it right! Being your business card, a website brings credibility to your business. Who doesn’t want that? A customer feels at ease while developing business relations with your company. This one strong reason is more than enough to develop a professional website. There are plenty of Web Designers Near Me with a similar opinion. Always remember, in this era of ruthless competition, every business requires a website. Why can’t yours?

Low Investment High ROI:

A website is a gateway to a global presence! Your business is accessible from every nook and corner of the world. That too at a low investment! Can you imagine this through offline advertising? Never possible! Thereby it renders high ROI on low investment. The Web Designer Arizona has been helping businesses to register online presence at a low investment with high returns.

The Convenience of Customers:

Your existing and targeted customers have the freedom to visit your business website from the comfort of your home or office. They don’t have to visit your office or store physically. Sounds interesting! It’s been made possible by a website.

Measure results:

Modern technology empowers businesses to track and record visitors. For instance, how many hits were recorded on a particular day, demographics of the visitors, and time spent? A comprehensive analysis will enable you to make a tweak in the strategy if required. What else do you expect! Web Design Arizona is equipped with professional skills to enlighten businesses about this major factor.

Ample Opportunities:

A website can be leveraged to demonstrate new offerings and capabilities to existing and targeted customers without any additional investment. Had it been an offline platform, you might have to shell out an additional amount. Besides, feedback and testimonials allow businesses to streamline offerings according to market dynamics. In case, your website isn’t engaging, don’t waste time, hurry up. You can hire the services of Web Design Arizona; they are the perfect people to facilitate you to have an appealing and professional website.


The bottom-line is — mere highlighting the online presence wouldn’t suffice the purpose. The cruel truth is — you may end up wasting your resources. Your top priority should always be to have an excellent website with the potential to engage traffic and compel them to take action. While taking on board a Web Design Company for your business, don’t forget to validate their credentials! Haste makes waste! Be patient!